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We are a creative agency that specializes in photography, videography, and production design. Our team has incredible flexibility to work within different industries such as advertising, fashion, culture, etc… while maintaining the quality of service for all of our clients!

We are
Photographers. Videographers. coffee addicts.

It’s hard to get your business noticed and make a lasting impact.

As an advertising agency, we are creative problem solvers that help companies develop their brand identity. We work with you to create a unique visual language for your brand that will be instantly recognizable by customers and partners.

Our experienced team of artists can come up with the perfect visuals for any project or campaign – from event photography, real estate pictures, studio work, or advertising material! We’ll take care of everything from concept to completion so you can focus on what really matters!

We are videographers.

We can help you tell your story through video, and do so in a creative way that will capture the interest of your viewers. Our creative team is experienced with videography for advertising campaigns, musicvideos, testimonial videos, weddings, more!

If you’re looking to hire a videographer in Luxembourg, look no further – We are here to provide our creative skills on an international level and help you get exposure from the content we create for you. If you want something done right – go professional! With Shine Creative Agency, we put all of our energy into building long-term relationships… not short-term goals.

Our latest projects.

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Virtual Reality tours are the definition of creative marketing.

VR is one of the newest technologies that revolutionize the way people visit businesses. VR tours offer a new way to experience places and events as if you were there! Virtual Reality tours can be made available on any device with a screen: desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

It’s totally possible that you’ve heard of someone online before they arrive at your door. These days, the virtual world is where it’s at. Shine creative agency is making sure people know about you from all angles with innovative marketing solutions designed to get them through your doors in real life.


We can help you capture your memories in style. If you’re looking for a professional photography service, we offer a variety of packages to suit your needs. Need corporate photography? We have that covered. Want real estate pictures? We do that too.

We create content with strategy and purpose.

Your creative agency in luxembourg

A lot of advertising agencies in Luxembourg that specialize in Video Production and Photography are too focused on the production side of things. We at Shine have a simple Motto: “Message first”. This means that we focus on the strategy to convey a clear and powerful message. We always take into consideration your target audience and create creative content that will blow their minds.

Our mission is to help our clients to become more visible on the internet by providing them with a wide range of services.

Content is King! As experts, we understand how to build an effective marketing strategy, so we can help you stand out among the competitors. If you’re looking for creative professionals who are passionate about what they do – look no further than Shine Creative Agency!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our work or just want to chat with one of our team members!

SHINE, your creative agency with 360° solutions & services.

What our clients say about us.

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france riallot
PERFECTION. C'est ce qui qualifie Jonathan et son travail. C'est un véritable bonheur de travailler avec lui. Merci Jonathan pour ta gentillesse et ta bonne humeur ! Tu mérites au moins ces 5 étoiles 🙂
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Germain Delagardelle
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Katia .Ciesielska
Great photos. Great contact with the photographer 🙂 Thank you
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Maïté Altmeisch
Working with Jonathan was such a pleasure! Jonathan overdelivered and went out of his way to provide excellent communication, adhered to the brief to the T and delivered outstanding photography and retouching. Overall very smooth experience - highly recommended!
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
benkhelifa miloud
Excellent Jonathan👌
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Matthias May
Très bon service et communication chaleureuse. Le résultat des premières sessions de shooting immobilier sont excellent!
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Christian Altmeisch
Very friendly and professional photographer who produces excellent photos and photoshopping results!
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Cornel Pronk
creative agency in luxembourg, HOME
Jeremy Bosquet
Equipe très professionnelle et serviable ! J'ai opté pour un pac de photos haute qualité afin de rafraîchir mon site web.

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